Our Team 

Margo Loor
Senior Consultant,
Moderator, Development Director

Sten Andreas Ehrlich
Senior Consultant,
Moderator, SSC Manager

Kai Klandorf
Senior Consultant,

Kaspar Kelder
Senior Consultant,
Moderator, SSC Manager

Marleen Pedjasaar
Trainer, Moderator  

Anna Karolin
Trainer, Moderator

Lauri Kriisa
SSC Manager

Sigrid Solnik
Trainer, Moderator

Siim Ruul

Siim Vahtrus

Kätliin Lember
Junior Trainer

Kristin Parts

Junior Trainer 

Selene Gnadenteich
Training Process Manager, Assistant, Room Rentals

Helina Loor

CEO, Sales and Client Relations

Raheel Akhtar
SpeakSmart Pakistan CEO

Our Partners

Vladimir Svet - Adviser to Chancellor of Justice and a freelance moderator that we are always happy to work with

Matti Laarmaa - SpeakSmart consultant, presently CEO in a private asset management company, formerly atoorney-at-law

Anne Türnpu - best vocal trainer in Estonia, professor at the Drama School of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Andero Uusberg - expert in affective and cognitive neuroscience and psychology of persuasion, PhD Psychology Tartu University, Stanford University

Herman Kelomees - expert in political debate, CEO of Estonian Debating Society