Why argumentation skills?

Success is strongly correlated with having good interpersonal skills! We constantly face situations, where we have to present and defend our opinion in front of other people. Job interview or university admittance, political or birthday speech, in front of a large audience or just a few people -- no matter what the situation, argumentation and public speaking are always useful tools to have.

Our trainers have the knowledge and can teach how to verbalize your ideas, to think analytically and to be convincing when presenting your idea in public. With our help you can analyze:

  • how to present your product/service/ idea in public;
  • how to find brilliant ideas for quick answers about your ideas and
  • how to be convincing in front of an audience.  

In addition to what has been mentioned, debating teaches structure and how to organise ones thoughts. The Best example here could be the conclusions made by the teachers of Estonian language – essays written by debaters are often more logical, clear and their ideas are well reasoned.

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